You are invited to enjoy the comfort of our 4 star rooms, prepared with everything necessary for your stay to be as relaxing as possible.

You can choose, according to your needs, one of the 5 types of rooms we offer: standard, double, family, matrimonial suit or apartment.

Each of them is equipped with modern furniture, wireless internet, TV cable, mini-bar, fully equipped shower bathroom, sofa and beds that will give you a peaceful night’s sleep. You also have access to daily cleaning services, laundry and prompt room-service.


Prices include accommodation, breakfast, access to Spa (pool, sauna, jacuzzi) and free parking!

Perfect if you travel alone for business or any other ocasions

1 person: 62 euro

If you need a room for you and a colleague or friend this should be your choice

1 person: 77 euro

2 persons: 89 euro

Specially made for families, you can bring your kids and all have a good time

1 person: 88 euro

2 persons: 100 euro

For you and your lover this is the perfect choice of a room

1 person: 77 euro

2 persons: 89 euro

This is a great choice if you want extra comfort and space

1 person: 99 euro

2 persons: 111 euro