In mythology, the lion is synonymous with solar power. It is being assimilated to goddess Sekhmet, also known as the Eye of Ra. The Goddess was the one to destroy evil and allow good to triumph. The lion watches over the flow of time and provides Sun rejuvenation. He embodies every morning the refreshment and vigor of the day.

Leon Hotel & Spa is the newest hotel in Arad. Opened in 2014, the hotel is situated near river Mures with immediate access to the main road and just a few minutes from the city center. Built to the smallest details of comfort and interior design, with a modern architecture Leon Hotel & Spa wants to become the first option of everyone who visits Arad and desires first class services and comfort.

The hotel has 31 rooms ready to accommodate over 60 guests. The Spa services provided (spacious indoor pool, Jacuzzi, sauna and massage) add value to the comfort we offer to all our clients. The restaurant and lounge – Leon Café – are there to provide unique culinary experiences and special evenings. Starting from June 2014 reservations can be made for business, corporate and private events. The hotel is fitted to accommodate such events as conferences, meetings and receptions.